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Why Brilliant Earth Has a Tradition of Giving

Read and discover all you need to know about Brilliant Earth (one of the best fine jewelry stores) and their tradition and dedication to giving!
Brilliant Earth, a fine jewelry store, founded in 2005 by Beth Gerstein, who at the time was having troubles finding the right engagement ring that will represent her style and values, partnered with Eric Grossberg who in 2005 was impassionated (and still is) with the idea that ethically sourced fine jewelry could be a start of something new – a positive change in the jewelry industry.
Today, we can say that the partnership and cooperation between Beth and Eric was successful because that exact partnership has grown into a brand, a company, and a team of qualified and dedicated jewelry designers and gemologists who are working really hard to provide beautiful, unique, and conflict free jewelry.
Briliant Earth Pinterest is not only popular for its incredible collection of diamond engagement rings, women’s wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, diamond earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, gold and platinum jewelry, and vintage jewelry, but also for their tradition and dedication to giving. This company is deeply committed to building a better feature for diamond mining communities. They show their dedication by donating 5% of their profit toward environmental improvement and restoration, proper education, and economic development.
By encouraging and supporting the improvement of diamond mining and working conditions, here is Brilliant Earth manages to help out:

● Improving Livelihoods

Did you know that more than one million minders earn less than $1 a day? Did you know that these exact miners lack access to a proper education? Brilliant Earth is proud for their courage to take initiative and improve livelihoods of hundreds of thousands men, women, and children. They successfully fund scholarships for students to enhance and master the craft or gem cutting. They also support artisanal diamond miners by fighting for safer working conditions. They provide children and adults with a proper education, skill development, and vocational training that will help them create better opportunities in the artisanal diamond mining industry.

● Protecting the Environment

Did you know that years and years of unregulated and improper mining in Sierra Leone area have destroyed the land and left it completely dry and empty? Brilliant Earth protects the environment by restoring lands for agricultural use so there is a possibility for a sustainable economy. Some of their efforts include native species plantation, agricultural land cultivation, and etc. Brilliant Earth cooperates with the nonprofit organization One Sky together with the Conservation Society of Sierra Leone to create better livelihoods by restoring land and transforming it into organic agriculture parcels.
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● Preventing & Avoiding Abuses

Did you know that many countries all over the world fail to implement fair labor standards which leads to abusive, dangerous, and unsafe working conditions? Did you know that thousands and thousands of men, women, and children are working in unsafe mines for a few dollars a day? Brilliant Earth actively supports the Center for Research and Development as they check and monitor mines, inform on possible abuses, and defend local communities. Brilliant Earth is funding education initiative to improve government regulation and standards of diamond mining. They also sponsor special education programs to offer a proper escape solution for a childhood of diamond mining.

● Empowering Communities

Did you know middlemen take advantage of diamond miners due to lack of education, organization, and training? Brilliant Earth builds community centers where diamond miners have access to training and learn how to negotiate fair diamond prices.
Brilliant Earth is more than just a fine jewelry store! Their impact is huge and their goal is to create a brighter future in mining areas and communities!
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