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Fashion in the Lesbian Community

Naïve people would try and categorize the way lesbians dress. They would oversimplify, arbitrarily assigning two categories: femme and butch. Some would identify butch lesbians by their plaid shirts and work boots. They would also see a femme lesbian as someone with a rainbow tee and a hairstyle to match.


The absurd generalization of the lesbian community means that it doesn’t matter if you have white, black or Asian lesbians. They’re only considered genuine if they tote a pixie cut and an “out and proud” shirt.
In reality, those who want to define who they are with a unique fashion statement have more of a pool to draw from. There are many different ways for lesbians to present themselves, such as these below.

Like Everyone Else

The most common dress style for the lesbian community is the same as everyone else. For many lesbians, their sexual preference does not dictate the clothing they wear. If it’s a hot day, they’ll wear shorts and a t-shirt. If they go to work in an office, they’ll put on formal attire and look like everyone else. You can be an “out and proud” lesbian of any ethnicity or race and enjoy the same fashion as the general population.

Gender Neutral

When you are born, you have three prominent babywear options. You can dress in blue if you’re a boy, pink if you’re a girl, and yellow for both. Some lesbians buck the trend by wearing clothes that make them feel like themselves. They don’t let designers dictate what they should wear based on gender.

Typical gender-neutral outfits include jeans, slacks, long-sleeved shirts, and t-shirts. It’s not a defining “lesbian” outfit. But, it’s one that offers freedom to dress in the middle.


There’s a reason the “butch” stereotype exists. It’s a common attire choice for many lesbians in the community. Some lesbians feel most comfortable in clothing that lends towards masculinity. Plaid shirts are often at the top of the list, as are jeans. Shirts with no gender-defining properties can also form part of the butch profile.


Femme is a term in lesbian subculture to describe identity. That identity can be male or female. If you were to compare femme to butch, it would be the softer, more feminine fashion style. If you prefer femme clothing, you are more likely to blend in with the “general” population. You may also prefer dresses and colors instead of gender-neutral shapes and shades.

What About Hairstyles?

If you’re an out and proud lesbian and want to look the part, then many haircuts and styles can help. Common among the lesbian communities are blunt bobs with bangs and pixie cuts. Long hair with shaved sides, shoulder and chin length with bangs, and undercuts appear as well.

Your hair color can make a statement too, with many lesbians who prefer to go “all out” with light and bright colors.

No one wants to put themselves or others in a box of what they should wear based on sexual preference. Different fashion types exist in the lesbian community – but also the general population. The takeaway should be that yes, butch and femme exists, but that people wear what makes them happy rather than catering to whatever box others defined for them.