Fashion Trends that are Sizzling in 2019

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Fashion Trends that are Sizzling in 2019

Women have come a long way in terms of fashion and 2019 promises all sorts of interesting trends. This year there it’s all about combining the casual with formal to create a whole new look that has never been seen before. Gear up for this year’s biggest fashion trends that come straight from the runway to the streets.

  1. Puffy shoulders

Puffed sleeves are coming back in a big way. Just look at Ariana Grande’s tour and Coachella outfits for inspiration. This princess look accentuates the shoulders and makes your arms look more slender and sensual. Dresses have it, blouses have it and even T-shirts have it this season. The more ruffles your puff sleeves have, the better.

  1. Hot pants and a blazer

Hot pants are usually paired with large oversized sweaters for that ‘imbalanced’ look. This year, it’s all about pairing this versatile piece of clothing with stylish and formal blazers. Experts advise you to don a plain colored crop top or halter top underneath. Close cut and stretchable crop tops fit this look the best, and you can accessorize the look with army boots and a sling bag.

  1. Casual gothic is the new black

We’ve seen the Goth culture influence fashion before, but not in a way that pairs it with the casual look. Leather jackets over tartan skirts and a T-shirt works wonders, and so does a long trench coat over a turtle neck and shorts. The key is to keep it simple and accessorize the look with metallic accents. Silver chain earrings and a metallic bag strap is a good way to start.

  1. Bucket hats

Bucket hats used to be worn by people out on a fishing trip. They have now made it into mainstream fashion. For women, bucket hats have taken on a life of their own and now come in various prints and colors, including floral and tartan. Pop a bucket hat over your short sundress for a fun summer look.

  1. Minimalistic utilitarian

From bright pink to earthy beige and khakis, utilitarian inspired fashion is coming back in 2019. This time it’s all about keeping things to a minimal. There are no loud zippers, bows or buttons. Colors are monochromatic and accessories are almost not present. Boiler suits and trench dresses all fit this aesthetic perfectly, with materials that are chic but breathable.


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