Do Lesbians And Straight Women Dress Differently?

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Do Lesbians And Straight Women Dress Differently?

Women are as diverse as they come. However, many are curious as to whether her sexuality influences a woman’s fashion sense. In essence, many of you wonder if lesbians dress differently from straight women. The short answer is of course, no. The longer answer is that you just can’t judge a woman’s sexuality by the way she dresses.

Why do some lesbians dress in more masculine clothing?

There isn’t a rule of law to govern how a lesbian (or anyone) dresses, at least not in most modern and free countries. In this day and age, a woman can dress however she wants. There appears to be a misconception that lesbians like to wear men’s clothing. People who hold this view often cite examples like Ellen DeGeneres and K.D Lang, who are known for wearing suits.

However, they’ve promptly forgotten that many famous lesbian or bisexual celebrities dress in a feminine manner, like Jodie Foster, Portia de Rossi, Cara Delevingne and Sarah Paulson. Some of these celebrities are female fashion trendsetters. They wear some of the best designer gowns on the red carpet, setting tongues wagging and social media on fire.

Bringing gender neutral clothing to the mainstream

In recent years, gender-neutral fashion has become quite the buzzword. Some famous lesbians have helped bring it to the mainstream, and one good example is Ellen Page. She has been known to pair her long flowing locks with fitting cut suits and ties on the red carpet, rocking the look. She neither looks feminine nor masculine, marrying both to create a seamless aesthetic.

This look has been finding its way into mainstream culture, with many women donning oversized white shirts with torn jeans. In fact, the whole ‘boyish chic’ look with bow-ties, suspenders, and Oxford blazers over casual t-shirts have been around for some time. It’s been getting a lot of attention from the fashion conscious community, and Millennials love this concept because it means more room for individuality in personal dress sense.

Being a woman means being loud and proud

As the walls of stereotypical fashion get broken down, more people are realizing that judging a person by the way they dress is downright immature. In fact, it’s becoming fashionable now for men to wear sequined and floral jackets, as well as silver dangling earrings.

Fashion and dress sense should never be the benchmark to judge any woman, whether they’re straight, lesbians, bisexual, gender-fluid, non-binary or what have you.


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